Work planning and management systems

Purpose and applicability:

The work planning and management systems are intended for operational notification on the work progress and data reliability at all levels.

The work planning and management systems can be used for planning and control of implementation of plans of any degree of complexity, for example, experiments and tests, preparation and launches of aerospace rockets etc.

Basic possibilities:

  • Maintenance and control of implementation of annual, monthly and weekly plans and work schedules;
  • Maintenance and control over fulfillment of technical device preparation schedules;
  • Administration of the list of the range manpower, schedules of leaves;
  • Maintenance of a nomenclature of combat detachments and formation of combat detachments participating in work;
  • Formation, editing, and transfer to controlling units of a list of preparation of combat detachments and duty shifts;
  • Creation and control over implementation of a time schedule of delivery and collection of field units;
  • Control over implementation schedules and their interactive adjustment;
  • Formation, mailing and recording by the operator of implementation of the work cycle grams for technical devices of the range measurement facility based on the typical work cycle grams;
  • Operational control over the current and forecasted meteorological setting;
  • Preparation of operating data on the work progress, for reports and for display on the collective display.

Competitive advantages:

  • Taking into account specific features of experiments and tests;
  • A possibility of integration into the hardware/software that may provide information on the work progress;


A distributed system of operational coordination planning of application of the land automated facility for spacecraft control.