Measurement information collection and processing systems

Purpose and applicability:

The measurement information collection and processing systems are intended for collection of reduced and full measurement information flows from measurement devices and facilities, processing of measurements in a real time mode for drafting a report, operating (preliminary) processing of trajectory and telemetry measurements, as well as for complete processing of the entire range of measurement information.

Measurement information collection and processing systems can be used in field and model experiments for determining the states and analysis of functioning of aerospace equipment, complex technical systems, including automated technological process control systems, as well as for environment monitoring, assessment of seismicity, etc.

Basic possibilities:

  • Planning of a measurement experiment and collection of telemetry and other measurement information and information processing;
  • Complete after-session handling of the entire measurement information;
  • Receipt and decoding of information from various measurement tools in the real time environment;
  • Storage of parameters of tools range measurement package, conditionally permanent data, results of decoding of the measurement information and primary information processing, results of trajectory and signaling information processing;
  • Centralized access to intermediate results and final results of processing;
  • Formation of report materials based on the results of experiments and tests;
  • Use of different measurement formats in the consumer navigation equipment GLONASS/GPS (code, phase and one/two range);
  • Use of operating and a posteriori high-precision data on ephemerises and frequency-time adjustments to GLONASS/GPS;
  • Statistical analysis of components of initial measurement errors and output trajectory parameters;
  • Use of information of GLONASS/the GPS ground support stations (differential corrections and difference-phase measurements), to increase the precision of determination of trajectory parameters;
  • Display of the results of calculations in digital terrain maps using geoinformation systems.

Competitive advantages:

  • Work in a real time mode, taking into account the completeness and the quality of arriving information;
  • A possibility of simultaneous processing of measurement information from several sources of a different type;
  • A possibility to select mathematical models describing the conditions of trajectory measurements and object movements at the processing stage



An automated system of collection, transfer and processing of external trajectory information and analysis of flying technical parameters of aerospace rockets.