Virtual Reality and VR Projects

VR educational and training facilities based on virtual reality technologies

Purpose and scope:

      VR training tools (VRT) based on virtual reality (VR) technologies allow you to train specialists with the ability to "dive" the trainee into the environment in which he is to work. At the same time, interaction with surrounding objects occurs using special manipulators. Promising VRTs based on VR can be used to train personnel in the management of complex technical complexes, preparation and launch of space rockets, space vehicles, and corporate trainings.

Main features:

  • "immersing" the trainee in a virtual environment by using virtual reality glasses (such as Oculus Rift);
  • management of virtual objects using specialized manipulators (such as Oculus Touch);
  • staff training in individual and group sessions;
  • study of the sequence of operations of technological processes;
  • working out of motor skills of equipment management and coordination of actions when performing work in complex technological processes;
  • working out correct actions at occurrence of supernumerary situations;
  • accumulation and analysis of personalized statistics on the reliability of personnel actions in various simulated conditions.

Competitive advantages:

  • the effect of "immersion" allows you to practice operations taking into account the size and location of control objects;
  • the effect of "presence" makes it possible to effectively memorize the relative location of objects and people with whom the learner interacts;
  • employees more rationally solve the tasks assigned to them.