Technological process safety and control support systems based on intellectual video surveillance

Purpose and applicability:

The intellectual video surveillance systems are intended for round-the-clock video surveillance of technological processes, collection and documentation of the information required for prompt decision-making when detecting any events related to breaching the technological discipline or an attempted theft of logistical means, as well as for creation of the evidentiary base of violations and further analysis when investigating into revealed thefts.

The intellectual video surveillance systems can be used for monitoring the flow of people and vehicles carrying tangible assets across closed and open territories, for security of technological processes at dangerous plants, and as a security video surveillance system.

Basic possibilities:

in a part of video surveillance:

  • Collection, registration, and recording video information from surveillance cameras;
  • Display on operators' ARMs of data from video cameras;
  • Diagnostics of the condition of the surveillance cameras and communication lines, display of the diagnosis results in system control devices;
  • Documentation and archiving of video information;
  • Creation of files (logs) on events in a system with a possibility of their filtering by different parameters;
  • Delimitation of rights of user access to a system and protection of information against not authorized access;
  • Integration with the access control systems, a security alarm, and fire alarm, other measuring systems, and dispatcher enterprise systems;

as concerns intellectual information analysis:

  • Tracking of people and equipment flows across the enterprise;
  • Control of exits from/ entries to the enterprise and the territory, including automatic determination by the video image of the quantity of moving vehicles, with a synchronization of license plates with the database, identifiers of railcars and containers, crossing by mobile facilities of designated areas and lines.;
  • Detection and recording of unauthorized penetration;
  • Analysis of received video information based on the set rules and based on the scripts; notification and alert to accountable officers of critical security events;
  • Automatic recording of breaching the technology discipline, attempted theft of tangible assets, detection of suspicious items or emergence of extraordinary situations and threats, with recording evidence in the proof base and transfer of the recorded events to an the incident management and decision-making system;
  • Provision of supervisory and security personnel of an enterprise with the unbiased evidence on the progress of the production and technological flows as well as on events and incidents in the form available for perception.

Competitive advantages:

  • The incident management system which allows to track events in accordance with established rules;
  • Modular adjustment of the information processing rules and scripts without general software replacement;
  • Development of specialized video detectors in accordance with the unique technological processes and a customer's needs;
  • Automatic notification of stakeholders about an incident recording.


Upgrading the dispatch facility for video surveillance over preservation of tangible assets.