Distributed analysis systems for information support, technological and operating process support

Purpose and applicability:

Automation and information support to accounting for tangible assets, control over the technical status, maintenance and routine maintenance of the equipment and infrastructure, provision of primary information for modern accounting systems.

The distributed analysis systems of information support and support of technological and exploitative processes can be applied for accounting of program-technical tools and companies' providing services in the field of information technology automating business processes (ITIL/ITSM).

Basic possibilities:

  • Accounting for the nomenclature, technical condition, and location of tangible assets, delivery planning;
  • Control over equipment commissioning and placement;
  • Accounting for equipment, exchange reserve, ZIP flow;
  • Planning, accounting, and control over routine and technical maintenance;
  • Remote equipment and software stock-taking;
  • Drafting reports on operation and maintenance;
  • Planning and control over contractors' work;
  • Information integration with accounting programmers;
  • Centralized control of software and hardware operating parameters, including in a distributed organization;
  • Remote software distribution and modification;
  • Analysis of the technical means utilization, feasibility study of upgrading, drafting the upgrading plan for the forthcoming period;
  • Accounting for malfunctioning in PTS and the troubleshooting data;
  • Database integrity control.

Competitive advantages:

  • Operation in a centralized and distributed environment, taking into account available communication channels (from 1 to 3,000 automation items);
  • Implementation of various maintenance and service scenarios;
  • A customized and expandable hierarchical classifier of a nomenclature of tangible assets;
  • An embedded graphical drafter of free requests and non-routine reports.