Decision support systems, systems for intellectual processing of large arrays of structured and unstructured information

Purpose and applicability:

The Decision Support Systems are intended for data accumulation in the form of large arrays of structured and unstructured information and data and presentation of data for decision-making, which ensures reliable and safe operation of complex technical sets, assessment of non-routine situations and management decision-making.

The Decision Support Systems can be used in preparation for and launches of aerospace rockets, in experiments and tests, in management of transport terminals etc.

Basic possibilities:

A check of readiness of technical means for their application;

Operational planning and control over implementation of the schedules of use of technical means;

Assessment of operators' readiness for implementation of technological processes of use of technical means;

Assessment of reliability of the operators' work;

Provision of data on location of the personnel, equipment, and emergency-rescue means;

Evaluation of personnel and equipment evacuation paths in case of emergency;

Analysis of causes of failures and drafting recommendations for complex technical system troubleshooting;

Systematization of information about malfunctions, search for their causes;

Estimate of the timing required for the equipment malfunction elimination and the technological process shift;

Planning of repairs and reworking of technical devices as well as supply of the equipment and spare parts for use in complex technical sets.

Competitive advantages:

A possibility of combining, in a structured form in a single information field, of data from documentation for complex technical sets and personnel knowledge ;

A possibility of the system interaction with complex technical sets, for better precision of evaluation of non-routine situations;

A possibility of training by personnel of elements of technological processes and assessment of the reliability of formed combat detachments.